'star' crack in windshield.

Hi everyone,

Is it correct to say: ‘There’s a (star) in the windshield of my car.’?


I’m a bit unsure what you mean by the brackets. Obviously you know “There’s a in the windshield of my car” is incorrect. “There’s a star in the windshield of my car” is not easy to understand in isolation, and doesn’t obviously refer to a crack. Did you mean to include the word “crack” in your sentence, per the subject line? “star crack” or “star-shaped crack” are both possible.

By the way, in case it matters to you, “windshield” is AmE. BrE is “windscreen”.

Yes I wanted to include ‘crack’. Thanks Dozy, so: ‘There’s a star crack in the windscreen of my car.’ is correct?

I would personally probably write “star-shaped crack”, but I think yours is OK.

Thanks Dozy.