Standardized tests. (please check my essay)

[size=150]Standardized tests like the toefl provide sufficient information to determine whether students should be admitted to a college or university[/size]

Nowadays many students want to continue their education in an international university or college. Most universities and colleges require a sertificate of standardized tests like TOEFL, IELTS and etc. So many students tends to get a high point from these exams. I believe that these tests provide sufficient information about the language knowledge of any student.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that there are four skills that are important for learning any language. These are reading, listening, speaking and writing. It means that someone who says that he/she knows any foreign language should has these skills. These four factors are important equally. Somebody who learns any language and reduces one of these skills means that he or she does not do well in that language. I mean that standardized tests give enough information because these tests grade all these skills and give overall results. Thus, someone who gets enough point from these exams knows English very well. As student will continue their education in English it means that they can be admitted in a university or college.

Furthermore, I would like to underline that in order to get a high point from TOEFL students should know the way of taking an effective note. I think it is very hard to get enough point from listening, speaking and writing sections of TOEFL without taking good notes. So, TOEFL also gives information about the notetaking of any student. As you know taking note is very important in every universities. During the lectures who takes good note, he or she can learn that lecture better than others. I do not know any student who passes his/her examinations in an university without taking note. So It is an other advantage of standardized tests for universities. Universities also know that students who get high point from these exams are very good at taking note.

To sum up, I would like to highlight that again I strongly agree that standardized tests give sufficient information about the knowledge of students. That is why the most famous and prestigeous universities of the world require a high point from these tests. I mean that if they were not good tests these universities would not mind about the result of these tests.

TOEFL listening lectures: Which of the following is true of biological indicators?

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