Square foot or Square feet?

Let’s watch the following conversation:

[color=red]A: What is the average cost of construction of a house these days?
B: It is INR 1,500/- per sqaure feet.
A: So, a house of an area of 1,000 square feet costs INR 1,500,000, doesn’t it?
B: Yes, of course.

[color=black]Now, here, ‘per square feet’ means ‘for each square feet’.
Each is singular, meaning one, in which case ‘feet’ does not agree with ‘per’ or ‘each’ or ‘one’.

Again, mathematically, area means length multiplied by breadth. If length is 1 foot and breadth also is 1 foot, the area is 1 x 1 = 1 sft (one square foot).

Will it, therefore, be justifiable to say one square feet? Shouldn’t it be one square foot?

T H Lawrence
May 13, 2011

Dear TH Lawrence,

To my mind it should be per square foot too; for the reason you gave above.

I’ve checked some other fora and see similar explanations. I am not a native speaker of English, I have to say.

Good luck

May 13, 2011 17.24

Yes, ‘one square foot’, ‘two square feet’. Also, it is singular when used as an adjective: ‘This is a 1000-square-foot house.’