Spoken Numbers (eg 1.300 and 13.000)

Hello Guys,

Well, I know that instead of saying one thousand three hundred (1.300) we can also say Thirteen Thousand, correct?

So what if I want to say Thirteen Thousand actually (13.000) and not 1.300?


There were Thirteen Thousand people at the concert.

Am I saying that there were 1.300 or 13.000?

Hope I could get myself clear, but I was watching Big Bang Theory and Sheldon said something like:

“… I sent him Thirteen Thousand emails…” and they translated “1.300”, but it could be 13.000, correct?

Hope you can understand and help me guys!


1.300 (or 1,300 as it is written in most English-speaking countries) is one thousand three hundred or thirteen hundred.

13.000 (or 13,000) is thirteen thousand.

Alright! Thanks a lot Dozy! I guess I was confusing hundred with thousand.