Spleen, 'English disease' :-)


I’m quite surprised to find in my translation system (multitran.ru) for spleen the note (an equivalent) ‘English disease’. :shock:

Moreover, being asked for ‘English disease’ :slight_smile: it gives three quite different ones :slight_smile: Including what I mean, among others. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m not an English woman and would like to keep my own rights to have my own autumn spleen.
:slight_smile: :frowning:

Hi Tamara,

I think ‘spleen’ sounds a bit medical to me. I’d be happier with ‘low spirits’ or even ‘gloom’.


To be perfectly honest, the only way I’d ever consider using the word spleen is to talk about a particular organ in the body. [size=84](I guess it must not be an American disease… )[/size] 8)

Thank you. I’ll also try to become a bit happier with ‘low spirits’ or even ‘gloom’.