'Spell incorrect' versus 'Spell incorrectly'


Could you please tell me the difference between the following sentences?

1- You spelled ‘Smart’ incorrectly.
2- You spelled ‘Smart’ incorrect.

1- You spelled ‘Smart’ wrong.
2- You spelled ‘Smart’ wrongly.


1- You spelled ‘Smart’ incorrectly. => Correct
2- You spelled ‘Smart’ incorrect. => Wrong

1- You spelled ‘Smart’ wrong. => Informal, correct
2- You spelled ‘Smart’ wrongly. => Correct

Hi Tom

I’d just like to mention that saying “You spelled ‘Smart’ wrongly.” may well result in people telling you that you used the word “wrongly” incorrectly. :lol: Or it might simply sound pretentious to a native speaker.

People tend to see the opposite of “You spelled ‘Smart’ right.” as being “You spelled ‘Smart’ wrong.”
Saying “You spelled ‘Smart’ wrong.” is also formally correct. The word ‘wrong’ is also used an adverb.

You’re more likely to hear the adverb ‘wrongly’ used this way:
He was wrongly accused.