Specific rules explaining where to put commas (', ')

I have never studied specific rules explaining where to put commas (" , ")…

I’m afraid the only definite rule I know concerns putting a comma in case there is a non-defining relative clause.

Please,help me! :slight_smile: I would like to know if there are any other rules for using commas.

Hi Batterfy

When I asked the question last time :), the main rule I was given was ‘When in doubt, leave it out.’

As you can see if you like :slight_smile: (Below is the link to my old ‘academic’-commas-thread)

Commas: too “academic” English?

Let’s see, maybe someone says some more… :slight_smile:

google.com/search?sourceid=n … ish+commas

I hope this would help.

This is what I have heard out commas: Use them according to how you wish your readers to read your writing. If you want them to pause, use a comma. Or else dont. The same goes for any other punctuation. (and did I get the colon right?)

Is there any truth to it or comma’s have to go according to the rules?