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Would you prefer to study in a classroom or take an online course? Use reasons and details to support your response.
Plz correct my grammar. Thank you
I prefer to take online courses for two reasons.
first, If i take online course i could save a lot of time. I don’t have to get ready and i don’t have to drive to university. My house is in the busy street. Because of traffic, its difficult to drive from one place to another place, which causes a lot of stress also.
In addition, i could take my online classes when ever i want. I am a working women . I don’t get much time to do clasroom courses.
so i prefer to take an online courses rather than going to a classroom.

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Hi, I thought this was quite good - when are you going to start recording your answers :slight_smile: Are you Brazilian?

Thank you very much
First, I am going through all the speaking topics by writing them Because i do lot of grammar mistakes. It is easy for someone to recognize my mistakes which is in writing than recorded one. I am very very thankful for your help and support.
I have few more topics to post on forum, i hope you will reply :slight_smile: I am an Indian.