Speaking the passage: Potential byer leaves voice message expressing...

Hello, this message is for Stephen. Stephen, my name is Ted Wilcox, and I’m calling about the 2006 Hyashi four-door sedan that you have advertised on the Auto Deals website. You said your Hyashi has only 20,000 miles on it. I’m wondering if you’re the original owner, and also if those are mostly highway miles or city miles? I’d also like to know if it’s been in any accidents. I’m very interested in looking at it and taking a test drive. I’m available tonight and all day tomorrow, and I live in the north part of town, not far from you. If it’s still available, could you please call me at 555-8448? That’s my home number. My cell phone is 555-4884. Again, my name’s Ted, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Goodbye.

Did you have a particular purpose for posting this dialogue, Siai?

thank you for repling me. I’m bad in speaking. And i try to improve speaking english. I chose a passage in listening exercise to speak. I want to know what people think. And what i have to do to improve my speaking. It is my purpose.

It is more obvious now you have added the voice message. I wondered if perhaps you were having problems recording.

Your fluency is good. There aren’t many signs of hesitation, well done! Your intonation is also quite good.
You need to concentrate on completing the words, as very often they are lost. Slow down just a little so that you can get the word endings in.
For example, I heard:
adverti- instead of advertised
twenty th- instead of twenty thousand
interes - instead of interested.
mi- instead of miles

thank you very much. I will try to get the word endings. hope you to give more comments. now, I speak the passage again. what do you think?

That is better, but I still think you would benefit from slowing down a little. If you slow down you will find it easier to add expression to your reading, as you sound a little ‘robotic’ at the moment.

Be careful with the word ‘miles’.
Listen to the pronunciation by clicking on the speaker icons here:
oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … miles#mile

yes. I will see “miles” again. thank you. hope you to give me more comments.