Speaking task "reporting a problem+solutions"

Many thanks to all of you correcting me from the grammar & semantic point of view .

The students discuss two possible solutions about the woman ‘s problem. Describe the problem, then state which of the two solutions you prefer and explain why.

MY PROPOSAL (consider you should solve the task and speak it out in 80 sec):

The woman?s problem is about choosing the better job between 2 job offers she has received. The man suggests 2 possible solutions to solve the problem: flip a coin (first solution) or list pros and cons of the two job-offers(second solution). The woman is clearly against the first proposal and I would certainly prefer the second solution too , like the woman. The reason is simple: it is rational where the first one is irrational, absurd. Flipping a coin let your future be chosen from the luck! On the contrary I like the idea to shape my future by myself!

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between an upperclassman and a freshman coed

This is not a good thesis-- the flipping of a coin is a rather flippant option, which should not be seriously pursued in your speech. The options should be valid ones, e.g. (1) salary and perks vs. (2) the woman’s interest in the field or the type of job.