speaking buddy through ym or skype

I need a speaking buddy or partner tor toefl I’m planning to take it a month from now. Please add me skype id: jace.enrique for ym id: please pm me to get my email address.

it’s great. I’wm planning to take Toefl exam too. Please feel free to add me up at yahoo id: linh211dl

Oh, I can’t not use “record” to introduce myself. What’s wrong?

i want to improove my accent as well… add me up on skype ekfaysal
or yahoo as ekfaysal

Hi, guys! If you want, you can add me for a little conversation. My skype name is olgmol10.

Please check your microphone settings. You can only record voice messages if your microphone works properly.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: How is your report coming along?[YSaerTTEW443543]


I have already invited you on skype…I hope we can speak English soon…

Gustavo Moreschi - guga30@yahoo.com


Hi every body

I took TOEFL iBT on December, 2009, and my worst skill was my speaking. Although I took it only for setting myself in the environment of the exam to get a more understanding about it, it was such a competitive tournament that only by pre-readiness, it would be possible to crack this long-time exam.

Anyway I would be so glad to find someone to speak English in Skype. Please feel free to add me up in Skype: m_akbariz.

Is there anyone who will take the test this year. Add me plz: anomynous9

hi, my name is zineb. i would like to speak with you . please add me at skype : chama20103