Speak about/to it

"A military spokesman … declined to comment, saying ‘It would be inappropriate’ to speak to ‘an ongoing investigation.’ "

Why did the “spokesman” use “to” instead of “about”?

Is that how bureaucrats talk? Does “to” sound more official-like?

Would appreciate your thoughts.

It looks like an error.
The only way ‘to’ could possibly be correct would be if the people carrying out the ongoing investigation were the ones asking the military spokesman to make a comment to them.

Thank you, Beeesneees.

“A military spokesman declined to comment as it would be inappropriate to speak about an ongoing investigation.”
Is this sentence OK?


Beeesneees, in repect of Alifathimas’ post could he have used “of” to replace “to”?. Please confirm.

No, but Allifathima could have used ‘of’ to replace ‘about’.