<span style="color:#000000">How many cats live in German households?</span>

(*) About 3 million

(*) About 6 million

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BBcode not working in Firefox. I’ve seen this before with other questions, but the large majority display OK.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I have the same problems in Chrome so it needs to get fixed at some point in the future.

I have tried other codes that don’t work here. I remember that the spoiler code doesn’t work.

[spoiler] text [/spoiler]

By the way, does this site support LATEX or something similar?

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What is LATEX?

It’s a markup language. It works pretty well with special symbols like math, science and music symbols. I’ve played with it a little in the past, but don’t remember any of it.


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Maybe this helps:

The BBCode.org site is the one I have bookmarked.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of consistency. Different sites do it differently. That’s especially true when it comes to images.

¢ £¥₧ƒáíóúñѪº¿⌐¬½¼¡«»
It looks like extended ASCII characters work here.

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