Sounds of the World's Animals

Animals make much the same sounds around the world, but each language expresses them differently. Do you know why?

How do you express the sound of a pig or a dog in your native language. Let’s compare.


in Russian:

dog : [gAf-gAf-gAf] (‘A’ as in ‘stuff’)
pig : [hr’u-hr’u] (with soft ‘r’ and ‘u’ as in ‘union’]

The one I’ve always found very funny is the cock’s cry in English: cock-a-doodle-doo. Its Spanish counterpart is ‘quiquiriqui’ (similar to the German Kikeriki) – the French cocks say ‘cocorico’. A Spanish dog says ‘guau’ (young children call it ‘wow wow’) and a bird here sings ‘pio pio’ (peeoh peeoh).

Even animals speak languages!

PS: I like the Russian pigs’ cry, Tamara :lol: !

… and Ku-kA-re-kU-u-u-u-u in Russian



P.S. But can I use cry for such special sounds as grunting? Or meowing/purring?

By the way, what about Japanese cock’s cry? (I mean another left-side island :slight_smile: ).
Does anybody knows?

A cry is the characteristic call or noise of an animal. As far as I know, it refers to all kinds of animals, including us so called humans :slight_smile: .

Hi Tamara,

The sound or cry of a cock ( we are still talking about animals :-)) in Japanese is:

Japanese: kokekokkoo

Pig sound is: buubuu

Dog sound is: wanwan, kyankyan

Pigeon sound is: poppo poppo (/kukku kukku)