SOS! Help me (usage of suitable prepositions)

Put a suitable preposition to the blank below:

She inherit nothing… her uncle’s will.

I saw the the key in my book and it said “under” but I don’t undersad why. Could you tell me why.

Thank you very much.


Here [color=red]under means “according to”, “in accrodance with”.
Look at these examples:

under the terms of agreement
under the terms of the contract

But I don’t know exactly what this sentence means?Is the word “will” is legacy

“Will” in this case means a desire or a wish, which is usually brought into execution after its testator* dies.
For an example, I can write a will so when I die, all my money will go to you.

  • [size=75]That’s what the person making the will is called.[/size]

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Oh thank you very much!But I am not experienced in writing a message and I’ll try my best to do better.
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