Sophie (14-8-2007 - 10-5-2010)

Dear Sophie,
I miss you very much. Ever since you left me last year on 10th May 2010, things havent changed much. Except that your five kids are grown up and have their own litters. You were always there for me through thick and thin, and you were more than a best friend of mine. I miss getting awake by your sweet meows. I still remember you waking me up and then sleeping on my pillow. You never left my side. Though you always didnt liked dating guy cats I suggested from among the lot of boyfriends you bought home but Mr.Blacky stayed true to you and still visits family. When I wrote my first entry of articulation I mentioned your name, because I really meant it. If I did ever won a billion dollars I would have brought you a Cheese factory. The day you died I saw a shinning star up in the sky whom I named after you. But I dont see that too often these days. Probably you are busy catching rats and eating chicken and cheese up there. I wish I could be there with you. I am afraid I have some bad news though :frowning: your grandchild little kitten humpty died today. I feel teared apart and desperately sad. I wish I would have gone in place of her. Her mama is very sad.
Lots of Love.

It seems you’re cats lover…:slight_smile:

I am a cat’s person Pipii. I even like dogs, but my parents don’t like dogs much.

Cat’s person? I did not get it…:slight_smile:

Cat’s person:- a person who is crazy about cats:P!

Thank you Katty…:slight_smile:

The term is usually just ‘cat person’ (or ‘dog person’).

Beeesneees: Pizza is one of my favorite meal. For showing the deep “passion” of it, can not I tell with “pizza’s person”?

It’s not a standard expression, but if you were to say “I’m a pizza person” you would be understood.

You might be understood using ‘Pizza’s person’ too, but it would be assumed you made a mistake. The possessive does not work there.

Thank you Beeesneees…your explanation is very satisfying me…:slight_smile: