Sometimes international students choose American roommates. Others choose roommat

I would like to prefer an American roommate than my own country’s roommate. According to me, I can easily mingle with the people; so if I have an American roommate I have a chance to increasing my communication skill, learning their culture and I can have an opportunity to visit an American’s families. These are the advantages having an American roommate rather having own country’s roommate.

Nowadays communication skill is very important. For instance I am an international student, English is my secondary language. I did not have much command on English.
So I think, if I have an American roommate I have to speak in English because I do not have another option to speak them. In that way I can increase my communication skill and I have a chance to improve my vocabulary and slang too. If I have my own country’s roommate, I can usually speak in my mother tongue. This is one main disadvantage having own country’s roommate.

Another advantage is learning their culture. I have an opportunity to learn their eating habits and dressing style. I will get more information regarding their country. And I will get some guidance and suggestion about tourist places. I think this is great help because we are new to their country.

Finally if my roommate is an American means I will have a chance to visit their families during the holidays. In that way I can increase my friends circle. So from my point of view having an American roommate is more beneficial than having own country’s roommate.

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Dear Rahichaitu
I am very sorry to appeal that you need to read more in order to improve your writing ability. As i see, your sentences are grammartically incorrect. It is better if you revise your essay again. Try and see how it will go further. Try to make it coherent by adding signal"." or",".

I appreciate your comment.
Thank you for your suggestion.

Rad, you have a beautiful voice! why didn’t you used to speak earlier?
There is just a grammatical mistake in your answer, it’s “I appreciate your comment.” without ‘S’.


Thanks for your complement.
And thanks for your correction.
Now onwards i will record my voice in post.
Happy studies.