Something I wanna know....

Hello,everyone ,you know ,the pronunciation between Americian English and British English is different , one day one of my Chinese friends asked me the exactly difference between them , I can’t told him …So anyone here can help me?


I’m not surprised you couldn’t answer that question.One of the main differences is in the sounding of ‘r’, but apart from that, it varies from word to word, and often from location to location within the same country.

I would tell your friend not to worry about the differences in pronunciation, just focus on learning the correct vocabulary. :slight_smile:

By the way, you mean ‘I can’t/couldn’t tell him’.

For what it’s worth:
I’ve noticed that on the whole the British and Americans pronounce the vowel ‘a’ as in “man” very differently.
Also, the vowel sounds “o” as in “not” and “o” as in “caught” are quite different.