Someone pls review my toefl writing essay

Teachers are the one who has strong influence on student’s life. They should try not to say anything in the facvour or against any political or social groups. This is mainly due to the fact that political or social groups are made with majority of a specific kind of people. If teacher say anything in the favour of that group, her views might hurt students who are in minority. This can develop feeling of hatred among students. Undoubtly, in today’s society, everyone has right to speak but one should remain cautious while addressing large number of people.

On top of this, the prime function of teacher is to teach students. So her personal views regarding socual or political things should not come out. If a teacher supports a particular social or political idea, this will influence her students to discriminate in other aspects also. Childern in school are not mature enough to undrstand political moves and even a minute detail given by teacher could affcet their mentality to a greater extent.

In addition to this, some people are more inclined towards being reformist while others tend to remain conservatives. Teachers comment in favour of any one of these can create mayhem in students and even aversion towards their teacher.

Also, if teachers share their personal views regarding politics, this will waste the precious time of students. Students would not be able to concentrate well in academics if they get involve in debate regarding social or political aspects. Also, now a days, people are becoming more and more pessimistic regarding their government. Youth especially get frustrated, annoued easily. Political leaders take advantage of this and can transform the energy of youth into aggression and use them for their own benefit. Here comes the role of teacher. Instead of commenting on some political or social view , teacher should guide students how to channelise their power, energy into something which is both productive and beneficial for them.

To sum up, the main motive of a teacher should be to teach their students moral values besides academic education and this is possible only if she won’t let students know about her personal viewpoints regarding any topic which is not directly or indirectly beyond academics.


Teachers usually have a strong influence on the way their students live.


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