Some questions regarding writing an TOEFL essay. Please, help me out!

I found this website and they advise how to write an academic essay. Step by step.

First, you must underline the key words in topic.

Then write down synonims or other words associated with underlined words.

Then write down the ideas you have on the topic.

After that you must figure out which layout you are going to use.

And then write down your essay.

I will have 20 minutes to compose my essay. And though I tried to follow the above-mentioned method, there was never enough time for me to finish the essay, mind you I must write it on the paper, not on the computer.

I was told that structure is a very important part of how one’s essay will be graded.

The only way for me to finish essay in 20 minutes is to write down my ideas randomly, just as the come to my head.

Is structure really THAT important? Or my way of writing an essay is acceptable too? And I can expect decent marks for it…?

Please, give me your opinions and advices, because I’m having my exam on Tuesday.

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Having read some other topics on this website, I found out that there were quite a few peaple who were interested in the above-mentioined subject. What are the tricks on your way to writing an essay to the T?

I was rather frustrated that no-one had replied. Talking from my experience, I figured that probably not everyone, including myself, can afford langauge classes.

I didn’t intend to talk for everyone, firstly, but more about my particular case, and yes, I’m self-absorbed at the moment. Once again I would love to have some tips on how to write an essay, on paper, when you are given just 20 minutes. I know it’s the “special exam” for this school and no, they didn’t provide me with any further detailes regarding this exam. This exam exam is easy was I told. That was it. Great! The pefect answer. Hel* yeah!

I have a masters degree, but it had been long-long time ago since I had taken any exam, oral or written, for that matter. This is why I’ve been freaking out majorly during several week at least.

Pardon, my rant but I recheduled my exam for tommorow and I’m really nervious and anxious and can’t fall asleep.

My problem, as I see it, is that with an extemely short amount of time, IMHO, and that is 20 minutes on the paper by hand, I’m rather uncertain if I can think about ideas and even physically write down my thoughts. When I asked a nice lady-in-charge about how many words I must approximately have in my essay, She answered the more the better, nothing specific, now matter how hard I tried to drag more precise information from her.

Mt friend who took IAELTS(sp?) said they gave you 40 minutes to do your essay on paper and using a pencil was OK, because u must correct your mistakes somehow.

In my case a pen is a must, no pencils. I just can not believe it, that one is able of writing a rather lengthy essay, on paper, with pen on the paper(which, IMO, makes correcting ones’ mistakes rather difficult and time-consuming), mind you no topic is known in advance.

It seems impossible, at least for me, because it takes physically exactly 20 minutes just to write down your essay, about 250-300 words, by hand, keeping in mind, that you had already thought the ideas and the structure through, which is never the case, apart from maybe a structure, because you never know what kind of topic you are going to have. And yeah, I’ll be alone, the only one taking this exam. Ignore the panic, nerviosness, anxiety etc. Perfect.

Do you think it’s fair and logical and appropriate ammoun of timet for writing an essay? Or is it just me looking for excuses and pity party?

Once again I beg your pardon for my blathering. Just wanted to spit it out, pardon my francais encore une fois.

Surely, I would very much welcome any advice or replies regarding my topic. But for now, since it’s too late and the exam is tommorow, I guess I need some support and encouragement. Some/any TLC would be very much appeciated.

At this particular moment i can’t sleep so I’m looking for support, reassurance and trust. Honestly. PMsare very welcome:)

The best advise to this moment I had been given to was: Stop complaining! He-he :wink:

Gros bisous for everyone from this amazing and, I mean it, site. No matter how pathetic and naive it may sound: Long Live :slight_smile: It has helped me a lot. Way to go!

P.S. I’m sorry for my rant again, it has been just a flow of concious(sp?) :slight_smile:

Draw up a mind map and list down all your ideas.