Some questions about BCM Strategy

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I have some questions about BCM(Business Continuity Management). BCM is a strategy that helps company to run business more smoothly. My boss asked me to translate some BCM contents of English to Chinese of them. I search some information from Internet and try to find out the answer. I haven’t found out answer so far. So may I ask you guys?

.BCM Strategy(about Staff)
.Skill Matrices


[color=blue]1.Here I don’t understand what’s the meaing of Cross-Training.

.BCM Strategy(about IT)

.Logging Solutions

.Bandwidth Explosion for Home/Remote Working
.Ship-In Solutions

  1. Here I don’t understand what’s the meaning of [color=blue]‘Bandwidth Explosion for Home/Remote Working’ and ‘Ship-In Solutions’.

.BCM Strategy(Suppliers/Outsource)

[color=blue].Dual Supply

3.Here I don’t understand what’s the meaning of [color=blue]‘Dual Supply’ and ‘Stockpiling’.

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cross-training: to train (a worker, athlete, etc.) to be proficient at different, usually related, skills, tasks, jobs, etc.

Bandwidth Explosion for Home/Remote Working: gaining a wider bandwidth so that more work can be done simultaneously, at the employee’s home or on the job in addition to at the office.

Ship-In Solutions: I’m not sure about this one. Perhaps finding new solutions from outside the company, or having problems solved outside the company and then brought into the company.

Dual Supply
: more than one supply/supplier in case one fails.

Stockpiling: accumulating a supply (a quantity greater than for present needs) for future use.

(But I may be somewhat off on some of these.)

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Hi, Mister Micawber

One more question about staff.

What’s the meaning of “[color=blue]Physical Separation Of Key Staff”?

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Putting them in different rooms. I don’t know why. If ‘key’ means a real key, maybe it takes two keys to open the vault and they are trying to avoid collusion. If ‘key’ means ‘critical, most important’, then maybe they want to insure that one brain survives if a suicide bomber detonates there.