Some people think that scientists make the most important contributions to society

Some people think that scientists make the most important contributions to society. Other people think that the contributions of artists are the most important. Which position do you agree with? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays the stresses that faces everyone in a different aspect in our lives, makes any one seeking to something entertaining him or makes him forget about his stresses. So it’s true that for some people think the arts are most important than the science. However, for those that do, I am disagree with them and I will support the people who’s thinking that scientists make the most important contributions to society than the artists. I believes that the sciences improve our future,countries, and health.
To begin with, I find that the scientists improve our future when they learn their knowledge’s to the new generation. That will be guarantee to good future with educated people. According to my own experience, I believes that educated parent who trying to build their children’s knowledge always seeking for the best school with best teachers and they will gain an educated and best future for their children and this only will happened with sciences.
In addition to the future issue, I think that the scientist will help in the countries development. There is a recent research said that the most developed countries have a near to hundred percent of their population were educated and those poor countries have a lower percentages. According to this research, sciences and scientist will not only improve themselves but the entire country. For example, in Jordan, the recent 10 years shows an unstoppable improvement in their hospitals and when we focused on the cause we found that their government send the doctors after graduation to the most famous hospitals in Europe to finish their fellowships period and then come back and support their hospitals with the knowledge they gained. Unsurprisingly now Jordan is the best in this field especially in the middle east and now most of it’s income is from hospitals because all it’s surrounding countries seeking for treatment there.
And beyond future, and countries improvement, I personally feels that scientists help in health improvement, they discover a new treatments for uncontrollable diseases like AIDS, they gives the population a new methods to prevent killing diseases from attacking them and for example to this in my country Sudan they discover a new method to prevent mosquitoes penetrating the skin which may cause malaria which had the highest rate of mortality in Sudan, they discover a new cream when anyone put it in his exposed skin areas, the mosquitoes can not penetrate the skin and after half an hour of suckling this cream the mosquitoes die.
So, to sum up, these factors lead me to believe that scientists improve the society more than the artists do.

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Hi, your writing is not too bad, although you have a lot of problems correctly conjugating your verbs. Your writing is fairly clear, but you do have some awkward and unnatural sounding sentences. I did not think this essay was as convincing as it might have been. You seem to focus on education more that on science for large parts of your essay. You don’t mention artists at all - I think it might be more effective to compare how valuable and practical scientist’s contributions are when compared to artist’s. Overall, I would rate this essay a 3 out of 5.

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Ask yourself if you need to invest a lot of money in a business to make it successful. Different people with different life experiences and values can give different answers.
I have learned from my past experiences and take the position that it is not necessary to invest a lot of money in a business to make it successful. To further explain my position, I cite the following reasons.
First, for a business to be successful, many factors such as good ideas, hard work or high quality goods are much more important and necessary than money. In China, almost all people who have cell phones use Wechat to communicate with each other, and Wechat is also used worldwide nowadays. When Ma Huateng, the CEO of Tencent, founded his company and developed famous communication tools like OICQ and Wechat, it wasn’t money that helped him succeed. What matters in this case is the idea of connecting people with this tool. Even if you give him a lot of money, he will never have Tencent without this brilliant idea. So I have to say that it’s not just the money that matters, but many other factors to create a successful company.
On the other hand, even with a lot of money, there is no guarantee of success in the business world. In China, there are a number of sports brands like Li Ning and An Ta. They put a lot of money into advertising, and you can see their ads on sports TV or at the bus station. They also hired famous stars or celebrities to promote their products. At the beginning, this worked well, because the revenue increased quickly. However, this cannot go on forever once consumers realize that the quality of their products is not very good. In the news, it is said that An Ta closed many of its stores to cut costs as sales declined. So as far as I’m concerned, money can’t really buy success.
However, I must admit that money is indeed very helpful when someone is building his or her business. With money, he or she can hire talent, do thorough research, and rent a good office. She or he will not be plagued by lack of money and can devote more energy to other employees. So this means that money is one of the factors that can contribute to business success, but a lot of money is not necessary to make a business successful.
All in all, despite the many benefits that money can bring, I strongly believe that it is not necessary to put a lot of money into a business to make it successful.