Some people think that one should design their goal based on his/her capability,

Some people think that one should design their goal based on his/her capability, while others believe that one should design the goal beyond one’s capability. Which view do you agree with and why?

Goal can be a dream, a pursuit, a desire or an expedition. Different people have different goals in their lives. A goal can also be perseverance towards some cause and it can be a monetary cause or a social cause. But the road to the perdition is not so smooth, a person may have to slog hard. I believe that one should design the goal beyond one’s capability for the following citations.

Firstly, ambition is the engine that fuels the journey towards a pursuit. If one aims for something that is beyond his capabilities than he/she will definitely persevere and achieve something that is at par with his capabilities or even much more. He will dream for something that he knows defies his capabilities which will induce in him a will to give his 100 percent. Consequently, he will achieve what he deserves rather than just achieving a fraction of his capabilities. Without aiming high one will always settle up for something inferior to what he deserves. For example, my brother was an average student and since I had become a doctor he aimed to become a doctor too it was very hard for him but he dreamt and worked hard for his dream and he got into pharmacy which our family never expected as it thought that he was not capable and will do a Bachelor of Science.

Moreover, one knows that he/she is chasing something very hard beyond his limits, so this will make him/her a more determined and a self confident person. He will work very hard and he will observe that nothing is impossible for one if one is determined. He will become optimistic and will not get shaken by hurdles or failures. This will gradually, raise his potential and hone him with more capability due to his boost of confidence level. It may also reveal his hidden talent or potential which so far had not been discovered. For example , my uncle was a clerk but he always wanted to be a Civil services officer and it was very hard for him as he was not that bright. He failed in first attempt in mains but cleared preliminary. This ignited in him a lamp of self confidence and eventually he kept working hard and reappeared for the exam and he cleared. He is a very successful Civil service officer as he dared to dream beyond his capabilities.

Summarizing the points made in the essay, aiming far beyond one’s capability will make hard working and a determined person which will make him achieve whole of something within his capabilities and even beyond them. This will gradually raise his confidence level and eventually his potential and raise his capabilities. So, I agree with the view that one should design his/her goals beyond their capabilities.

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