Some people think making sure that others (influential people or potential employ

Some people think making sure that others (influential people or potential employers) know about your strengths and accomplishments can help you succeed, if you do not do this, you won’t have a successful life.

In the competitive society, everyone wants to succeed in getting satisfied life. With which ways to achieve the result is questionable. Some people think that only your ability and accomplishment are known by influential people or potential employers can you succeed. As far as I concerned, the idea is a little unilateral.

It does will take you opportunities that known by these successful persons. Therefore, we should hold any chance to demean ourselves well in the presence of them, it may take us unexpected opportunity. When you applied for a position of a company whose employer is just impressed by your excellent behavior before, you are probably more competitive than others on the precondition that your capabilities are similar. For instance, several weeks ago, one of my friends stood out in a group interview sand finally was employed by a famous company just because she gave a deep impression on its executive when he gave a lecture in our school.

However, though you make influential people recognize your strength,necessary success could not be guaranteed. There are many uncertain factors. It is entirely possible that the influential people might not be willing to provide help though he admires you. Assuming that he’d like to support you, your attitude toward things and whether you develop yourself to match the society are more critical to your successful life. If you are a person with strength but do not work hard, others’ admiration and supporting could do nothing to your success. You may lose their trust.

In addition, there are personages that own successful life without appreciation of influential people and potential persons. The principle that only make your ability known by successful people can you have a successful life has some errors. The founder of the New Oriental School, Yu,minhong is famous to many persons, who met no influential people and potential persons at the beginning of establishing the school. However, he made a huge succession in the end rely on his ability and will. His company has become the most successful training school. Therefore, not all successes need others’ recognition.

Being known by the influential people or potential employers is of course fundamental, but it is no longer enough. The ability and will are more critical. Depending on real capability and with the help of other personage, you probably will own a successful life.