Some people say that physical exercise should be a required

[color=brown]Some people say that physical exercise should be a required part of every school day. Other people believe that students should spend the whole school day on academic studies. Which opinion do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Views differ considerably when it comes to the issue of whether students should spend the whole school day on academic studies, on the other words, students should only focus on the academic studies and ignore any other subjects such as the subject of physical exercise. Some people believe that students should try their best to learn academic studies such as math or foreign languages, because theirs goal are going to the better school in the future, and spending time on outside activities is waste time to take the physical exercise in school time everyday. On the other hand, others asset that students need the physical exercise in school time, because the most important point is student’s health rather than is the student’s grade. Both of the opposite arguments appear to be somewhat convincing and stand to reason. But, my personal experience and actual observations of life have led me to conclude that students should take physical exercise everyday in school time. The following are reasons why.

First of all, it make not different from result that students spend time that could change their grade from good to bad. Let me put it on this way. Some people reject to spend time on physical exercise because they think the time they save from the physical exercise can be used to learn more academic studies; however, I don’t believe that can help students’ knowledge boarder. Efficiency is more important to learn studies than spending a lot of time. For instance, when I was a child, I had to stay in the class for a whole day, what is worse; I had gone to cram school after school. It meant that I have no any sport activities during my junior high school live. Therefore, my weigh grew to 90 ponds in my 15-year-old. It took me three years to return to my proper weigh level. I think the purpose of physical exercise is that it can release students’ pressure and make their brain absorb more fresh air; therefore, they learn studies in the class more efficiency.

Second, students can benefit from physical exercise. For instance, some children are more willing to attain to school because of exercise class. Not all students love study for a whole day in school. As me for an example, when I was a elementary school students They are eager to play basketball or play soccer with their friends in school. If school removes the exercise time, some children will not go to school, because they find that there is no interesting thing in school live. We should protect some students’ right for playing game with their friends. If I were student, I would have consisted that I want to take the physical exercise.

However, people who hold different opinion may argue that adult will be worried that students feel tired after playing basketball and they will be not interested in studying. Of course, it may be true that children will pay too much passion in outside activities and they will fail to have good grades in their exams.
In fact, the thing is not always only one choice. What if children have four days a week and the teacher can use one day to finish his class when the exam day is coming. This situation will solve easily. Teachers’ and parents’ thinking should be more feasible.
In conclusion, given the reasons described above, when the advantages and disadvantages of whether students should spend the whole day in academic studies are carefully compared, the most striking view is obvious. It may be safe to arrive the conclusion that teachers and parents should support that children need some outside activities everyday.

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Physical exercise is very important for the students future. There are different issues whether student should spend whole school day on academic studies or physical exercise is required for the students. I think students should spend physical exercise in every school day. This is because the most important point is health and presence of mind.
First of all, some people refuse to spend time for physical exercise. There will be no remarkable difference if the student spend whole day in academic studies, not practicing any physical exercise and student who practice physical exersice.Now a day’s teachers and parents are thinking that the physical education is waste of time. They think children can gain more knowledge in that one or two hours a day. It is not that the knowledge is important but the concepts they gain with concentration are important. Teachers should teach how to apply the concepts instead they are teaching how to mugging up all the information and children forgot when writing the exam. The education system should be improve in school and colleges .I believe, children can improve concentration of mind and improve presence of mind during studies which is very important.
Second of all, children must maintain health in young age. When children practice physical exercise such as playing out door games, yoga and meditation in their daily timetable students can achieve good health. Because with yoga and meditation they can maintain mental health and by playing games they can maintain physical exersice.Both mental and physical health is important for the student life. They can also gain great immunity power through these exercises and these will be helpful to recover for the infection and disease quickly and that will not affect exams. These are also helpful to maintain good fitness. I personally, practicing yoga, meditation and plays football and I am now very fit and healthy and achieved distinction in college.
There are good reasons to say physical education should be a part of school time table. To sum, I believe physical exercise will assist to develop concentration and presence of mind during studies and also maintain physical health and mental health. I suggest that education department of government should implement strong rule to include physical education in every school.

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