Some people say that governments need to do more to prevent damage to the environ

To what extent do you agree or disagree wit this statement

I agree that the ministers in a country should be aware of the importance of the environment for the humans. In my opinion, the air pollution, the sharply decrease in the number of trees and the extinction of certain kind of flora and fauna indicates that everybody has to think considerably to protect environment.

The government in my country, consistently tends to be discreet about protection of the environment .They organize social charity works and emphasize that the citizens should protect the environment. In contrast, their attitude is not paralel with their speeches so that they sometimes allow the farmers or the companies to cut trees randomly in order to have more areas for their work.

The global warming theraetens seriously the presence of humanity recently.The possible solution for this environmental problem is increasing the number of environmental friendly vehicles such as buses and cars. Because of the air pollution, the scientists warn people severely to avoid using individual transportation instead of
public transportation.

In addition to air pollution, the gradual fell in the number of trees is another issue. The figure of the people is rising sharply in recent decades. Furthermore, the buildings are increasing awkward associated with the number of people. The proportion of the green areas has to be organized equally with the buildings.

To sum up, the protection of the environment getting more and more important day by day. It has to be considered seriously by each person on the earth so the governments should know their mission and lead to people to be aware of their responsibilities about protecting the environment.

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