Some people feel the private lives of politicians, film stars, sports personaliti

Some people feel the private lives of politicians, film stars, sports personalities and other well-known people should remain private; others say there are good reasons why they should not. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The question, which is connected with privacy, has become very strained in society. As a result, there is two-pole opinion to the issue. However, from my point of view, this problem needs a comprehensive approach, and it is important to distinguish famous people who cannot be disturbed and those who should be controlled precisely by society.
Firstly, it is important to outline that democracy implies that admiration of a private life of every person. In other words, for many people in society it is unacceptable to disturb somebody because it can lead to diminish the gist of freedom. Moreover, there is another aspect that it is supposed that interference in private lives is very impolite way of behaviour.
Secondly, the considerable number of society believes that to be interested in details of private lives of celebrities does not contradict the dignity of polite people. In addition, these people accentuate the fact that celebrities have chosen voluntarily their professions, and it means that they should comprehend why society is interested in their private lives.
Thirdly, it is vital to outline that both positions have some weaknesses. People who simultaneously lead public lives and who are not politicians should have private lives as ordinary people because all members of society are equal. However, politicians are the exception from this rule because they are elected by voters and we should know them very clearly because this can make our choice more accurate.
In conclusion, it is important to outline the key points of the present essay. In society, there are two opposite opinions on this problem. However, both are not

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