Some people believe that teaching children at home

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Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.
Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

The issue of school and education is one of the main building blocks of development of individuals in modern societies. Considering this fact, homeschooling or attending a public school is a controversial topic over the last ten years. It goes without saying that every student has his very own personality, so there is no straight approach to this subject. This essay elaborates the two viewpoints with some relevant examples to provide the reader a transparent perspective.

People who hold the idea of educating children at home claim that, public schools consume a lot of students’ time without a significant output. For example in my country, Iran, students have to spend a lot of their valuable time on general subjects such as religious teachings, old Persian literature and history which are not so useful in their future. In addition to this, students have to spend a lot of time for transportation from and to their school. This group of people argue that students with different religions and nationalities should not be taught at the same school because they have different demands and needs. They believe that homeschooling gives them the opportunity to choose the exact material suitable for their children with selected tutors while in a public school students must study the materials which are chosen by officials and the teachers are not selected by students or parents.

On the other hand, some others believe that there are some skills that students must learn by socializing and playing with other students at public schools. Children will learn that they have to respect others and start competing with their peers. In public schools students will see other students with a different sex and race sitting together which can lead to initial thoughts of equality between people. Moreover, public schools are not comparable with homeschooling from cost point of view if private teachers teach the tutor at home. Public schools provide primary education for all students across the country which is a key to a healthy society. A good example is of such an approach are the successful people such as Prof. Masoudi, Dr Samii and Dr Hesabi who their parents could not afford private education, and if public education would not have been available, they had not been able to study.

To make a long story short, I would say while many are complaining about the state of public schools- with legitimate reasons- these schools are still working effectively for the majority of students in the system. With many benefits from public schools, it is no wonder the majority of students and their parents are still choosing the public school in their neighborhood as their first choice for an education.

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Hi Amir, I thought it was very good. You answered the prompt clearly with relevant arguments. You have some good reasons, but really only one definite example,
so adding a couple more might be a good idea if you have time. Here are some other suggestions:

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You read my essay carefully and the points you offered are really helpful. I have some questions.

1- What do you think of using pupil instead of student in below sentence?
if private teachers teach the tutor[student] at home.

2- I wanted to use conditional type III, but I think I made a mistake. What do you think of this one?

if public education had not been available, they could not have been able to study.


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