Some people believe [famous] people's support towards [international] aid [organizations] draws attention to problems. Others think celebrities make the [problems seem] less important. Discuss both views and give your opinion


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It has achieved a widespread acceptance that support from famous people towards international aid organization greatly draws attention to problems whereas others believe that these people only make the problem less crucial. In this essay, both views will be thoroughly discussed and my opinion will be clearly stated.

On the one hand, celebrities, along witht their widespread influence, will bring many merits when they join in international aid organizations. First of all, celebrity is regarded as a centre of attention, anything they do will constantly be in the public eye. As a result, their participation in any philanthropic activities will widely spread without spending much effort compared to that of a government representative on TV news. Secondly, possessing a massive fan-base, celebrities could easily call for greater amount of attention, even from people who are not interest in social issues.Charitable activities are usually underestimated and appear monotonous among the youngsters in today’s society, For instance, an internationally recognized singer, Taylor Swift, could raise addtional support and awareness from her fan base, which includes the youngest of 13.

On the other hand, some people may argue that celebrities tend to make the problem less essential. One notable reason is that the general public usually associate famous people with trivial issues, which means that they engage in an aid fund is purely of entertainment. Taking part in a certain activity, these people, being all image and no substance, only focus on their top priority of enhancing popularity. Another point worth mentioning is that people tend to place higher value on academically involved scholars such as scientists, professors and doctors. when it comes to acknowledging information. This is mainly due to the good characteristics that these people bring about, which celebrities sometimes seem to lack.

In conclusion, while celebrities, for several reasons, seem to make the problem less crucial, I believe that they make a good means of drawing people’s attention.


Hi Nguy, I think you had some really good ideas in your body paragraphs. I espeically liked your second body paragraph where you talked about the celebrities’ selfish motivations for supporting these causes. You did have some vague sounding sentences that could have been a little more specific. I do think your prompt was not exactly phrased right. A celebrity can’t really make the problem less important, they can only make it seem or appear less important. Also, I don’t think you discussed your personal opinion enough. Why exactly do you believe as you do? What are the reasons that you find most compelling? What exactly do you think celebrities should do concerning this issue? These are questions I don’t feel that you adequately answered in your conclusion. Here are some other comments:


Thank you for your advice. I have rewritten the introduction and conclusion, could you have a look at it again? And i wonder it is possible that i can get a 6.5 for this essay?

It has achieved widespread acceptance that celebrities’ involvement in international fundraising activities has significantly caught the public’s attention whereas some people believe that these top stars lessen the significance of the problem. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that celebrities will bring many advantages to the community when they take part in such voluntary projects.

In conclusion, although there are several drawbacks to celebrities’ participation in voluntary activities, I firmly concede that it is more advantageous for the community that they get involved in such organizations.


Let me give it a try:

“It is hard to open a newspaper or click on a website without learning that another popular celebrity has endorsed a new global initiative to solve some pressing problem. Some welcome these famous personalities’ involvement, as it helps increase fundraising for these global philanthropic groups, while others question the celebrities’ motivation, saying their involvement is trivializing these worthy goals. As far as i am concerned, I strongly believe that by publicizing charitable organizations, celebrities can bring many advantages to their communities as well as the world as a whole.”

“In conclusion, although there are several drawbacks to celebrities’ participation in volunteer activities, I firmly concede that it is more advantageous for the community that they get involved in such organizations. Celebrities have much power in our media-centered society, and with this power comes the responsibility to draw attention to these vital non-governmental organizations. These well-known personalities should strive to push their youthful fan bases towards helping others by publicizing worthy charities.”


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