Some parents think that helping their children homework.task 2

Some parents think that helping their children with homework is good. Others think children should do their homework on their own. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have different views about helping their children with their homework. While some people argue that children homework is quite hard and need their help, I believe that it would better for children to do their task on their own.

On the one hand, curriculum’s schools are full of absolute and important topics such as math, physic and so on. Students should put lots of effort to be a master in these topics. In the most of the case, teachers left them with endless homework which needs to handle until the next session. Therefore, pupils become so easily confused with their allocated tasks and they need to be guided to handle all of them. Without help, children would not be able to learn or complete their homework and they will lose mark in their future exams.

On the other hand, the main responsibility of a student is study and doing his homework. If his parents gave him a hand, he would become lazier than his pupils that doing their tasks by their own. The purpose of doing homework is not just answered several questions but also learning them by heart by facing challenges. In addition, doing homework by their own improve teamwork skill among students and they learn how to help each other to learn more. Consequently, all students would be in the same situation and have equal help.

In conclusion, there are convincing argument both and against helping children with their homework, but I believe they should do their task on their own and improve their knowledge and skill.

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This is another example of a subject line that is not meaningful.
You should edit it so that it reflects the essay but fits into the allotted space. That is a skill which may prove useful to you in the future and which would certainly improve your knowledge of English. Why would you work hard on an essay and then show a distinct lack of care and attention to details by giving it a poor subject line?

Hi, I think this is a TOEFL essay. You have addressed the prompt correctly by discussing the advantages of both sides, so your format is effective. But you have quite a few awkward sounding phrases and grammatical mistakes. Plus it would be nice if you could give some detailed examples instead of just talking in generalities. Overall, I think this would probably rate a 3 out of 5.