Some more questions from 'The Jungle Book'


I have got some other questions from the book I would like to ask of you to help me with.

  1. Does the ‘lie out’ suggest a sense of spreading or stretching out?
  1. Could this portion be reworded as: any orders but of the Free People?
  1. Does the underlined phrase mean ‘to carry out his authority by due rights’?
  1. Does this sound like ‘get a move first, give a talk next’?
  1. Does ‘full tale’ imply something like ‘full bill’ or ‘full debt’?

Terribly sorry for too many questions and thank you so very much in advance.




I would also suggest except

Perhaps: exercise his authority within appropriate limits

I would suggest: Attack first and then discuss (have a discussion)

‘tale’ is an archaic or literary word meansing ‘total’ or ‘number’. Here it could mean ‘total amount’.


Hi Alan,

Thank you very much, sir, and I got from you what I wanted. :slight_smile: