some idioms-stick to our guns,lose our shirts,get away with the wind

1.stick to our guns

2.lose our shirts

3.get away with the wind

4.give it up as a bad job

Please explain these idioms~~

I suggest you make a note of this website:

The first two idioms can be found by entering the keyword ‘guns’ and searching, then the keyword ‘shirts’ and searching.

I have never heard 3 used. I would understand it to mean that something simply appears to have vanished. It has disappeared.

You will find the last one by entering the term ‘bad job’ here: … onary.html … onary.html

Hi Buugua,

Do you mean ‘gone with the wind’ in (3)?

Beeesneees, thanks for the website~~ :slight_smile:

Alan, I saw 3 on a test questuin but I’m not sure if it’s a idiom. Thanks to Beeesneees, I know 3 isn’t used in English.