Solve problem independently or rely on government

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Agree or Disagree: Many people believe they can deal with their import problems by themselves or with the help of their friends and relatives, so they do not need government to do anything.

Some people believe that they can deal with their important problems by themselves or with the help of their friends and relatives, so they don’t need the government to do anything. But in my opinion, that is hardly true.

First of all, government can help to deal with many problems much easier and more efficiently. For instance, for the last few years, I was facing a serious traffic problem. I live in the west suburb of the city, but my company locates in the east part of the city. In order to get to my company in time, I had to get up very early in the morning, and traveled there first by bus, then by subway, and by foot at last. Everyday I would spend more than two hours on the way to my company, which was a total waste of time, not to mention the crowded situation in the bus and subway. Therefore, to save my time and pain, I bought a car, in the hope that driving to work will be more timesaving and comfortable. But the problem is lots of people have the same problem as I did, so they also tried to solve it by purchasing private cars. The net effect was that too many private cars on the road became a new source of traffic problem. Realizing the traffic problem already have interfered the citizens’ daily life, our government took in action quickly, by constructing several new subway lines, rearranging existing bus routes and limit the number of private cars on the road. Now my and lots of regular citizens’ fear about traffic jam is completely eliminated.

Moreover, there are certain problems that can not be solved by single individual or just a group of people. For example, when facing at extreme natural disasters, like earthquake or typhoon, everyone in the disaster area are in serious trouble. The power of an individual is simply useless, we need to relay on the government to organize rescue activity, gather funds for the victims, and plan for the post-disaster rebuilding.

In conclusion, though the intension of self-reliance is good, we should admit the importance of government, since it can solve problems more efficiently and cope with troubles exceed the ability of any individual.

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Hi, this is probably your best essay yet. Sounds like you live in LA. Good luck on your test.

Actually, I live in Beijing. I am just faking the part that the government fixed the traffic problem…they NEVER!..and I seriously doubt they can ever figure a way out…

Thanks for your comment, I will review your revision carefully.

its good.

Ha, that is excellent! I always tell writers that they can make up whatever examples they want in their essays. The TOEFL graders don’t know anything about you so use your creativity!