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Situation: You are going on a three-day vacation. Among the following objects, which would you bring with you: a book, an MP3 player, a laptop?
Please help me choose one of them with your justification. Thanks a lot!


Well, one answer is a laptop. You can read books on a laptop and listen to music as well, so it is more versatile than the other two options. Plus, a laptop can provide additional functions that the other options cannot, like searching for directions or getting recommendations for restaurant and sightseeing tips.


Hi all, Luschen is surely right with his suggestion. Though it is assumed that there are people who still like reading traditional books and listening music from MP3 player.
And here is an issue that makes me wonder: is it “a” MP3 player or “an” MP3 player? I mean since words spoken with a vowel as first letter despite written with a consonant requires the undifined article “an” such as “an hour” whereat words started spoken with a consonant but written with a vowel is refered to by “a” as in “a” university".
MP3 I would pronounce “eMPi” hence I guess the correct article were “an”.
Help me out of the valley of doubts, please.


Yes, it’s “an MP3 player”.


I really appreciate your comments. But, I am supposed to develop the answer into 3-min speech. Could you please recommend some strategies to extend ideas?


What you can do is weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


It is a very nice question. For me, I prefer the book.


I think the easiest way to extend a speech is by using specific and personal examples and stories. To me, talking about my personal experiences makes it easier to write or talk at length about a topic.