Social Networks?

So what do you make of social networks? In my opinion, MySpace is the most popular site with young people – I’d venture to say that almost every American or German teenager has a MySpace account.

Facebook seems to be a bit more popular with students or university graduates. However, the German answer to Facebook is called ‘StudiVZ’ – which is a Facebook clone with a very difficult name. I think StudiVZ is especially popular with German university students.

When it comes to networks for business people, XING is probably number one in Germany while LinkedIN is the number one worldwide.

Former German classmates seem to be very fond of – two weeks ago I attended a class reunion which was organized through that site. Interestingly enough, most of my former classmates who are StayFriends members thought it was a Germany based site. It’s actually a German subsidiary of the US company ClassMates.

These are just my thoughts. What do you think of this?

TOEIC listening, question-response: How much time do we have before the presentation?[YSaerTTEW443543]

One advantage of social networking sites, particularly the ones for reconnecting with classmates, is that they classify people and make them easier to find. I had lost contact with two very good friends from high school, but their names are so common that it was impossible for me to find them. (Actually, my own name is less common, but common enough to cause problems.) Finally, they were able to find me through a classmates site and contacted me.

Another way to find people is through those services like Intellius, which gives you all of the person’s addresses over the years, and also some information that the person probably wouldn’t want you to know. Those make it easy, because you can search using a woman’s maiden name, and the results show you the names of their relatives, among other information that lets you make sure you’ve found the right person. I don’t like to use those services, though, because when I do it, I always feel like I’m spying.

I find it weird to be contacted by people through those classmate sites, because they tell you all kinds of things about yourself that you either don’t remember or never knew. Sometimes it’s pleasant information that makes a lot of formerly mysterious memories clear, but it’s always a bit startling.


It’s time we have to look at ‘facebook’ once again. It’s now for everybody, students, university graduates, professionals and whoever. When I meet a new friend, we ask each other, “Do you have a facebook?”