So to speak / in a manner of speaking


  1. Can I use expressions like these while speaking?:

“in a manner of speaking” or “so to speak”

  1. Are they equivalent to " let?s say" or similar?

  2. Are there other equivalent expressions?

  3. Are the following sentences correct? :

“So to speak, he is a “warranty of quality” on your learning!”
“Let?s say, he is a “warranty of quality” on your learning!”

Thank you !

Hi alexzive,
Expressions “so to speak” and “in a manner of speaking” are similar. But I don’t think that “let’s say” is the best substitution for them. No. Let’s say means to assume.
So to speak is often met at the end of the sentence. I think your sentences are fine but with different meanings.
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In a way, to some degree

Hi Alex

As Pamela said, yes, you can also use the expressions in spoken English AND the expression ‘so to speak’ is normally at the end of a sentence. I would not place it at the beginning.

A similar expression to ‘so to speak’ is ‘as it were’.