Small correction Requested

Dear Coaches,
Can anyone quickly go through this writing? Thanks a lot.

"When I was a child I used to think that being
brave meant that u had to take action.That to
have a dream and get forward in life, you
need courage. But the only thing you need
courage for is for standing still…!”
-flash back of a fool.

This is largely OK. (I don’t really understand the idea being expressed, but I guess it makes sense to you, or to whoever wrote it.) A couple of points about the English:

Do not write “u” for “you”.

There should be a space between the first two sentences.

For harmony of tenses, “need” should be “needed”.

The second “for” in the last sentence should be deleted.

One of my students wrote this and I simply told her about this Site. She wants to join this Site.
Thanks a lot to you for your concern.