Sitting at the window with a cup of tea...

Awakening from the sleep without a dream is no less than a dream for me. And the morning rising with the downfall of the rain makes me feel on the cloud nine. I have had this habit for a long time – sitting at the window sipping the cup of tea with the eyes searching for something lost somewhere. It is a strange but so light a feeling to forget myself and at the same time remember that I am no different from the mother nature…

The end (?)

Surprised with ‘the end’? Yes, it could be incomplete just like our lives – a distinct note without a meaning until composed to a beautiful melody.


Life is a series of days and challenges, some easy, some difficult and others just too unbearable to describe, and yet we are expected to continue advancing without complaint right up until our final day.

The easy challenges are usually met with a supply of money. The more difficult ones are overcome with experience, or sheer guts and willpower, but the most unbearable ones are paid for with tears and sighs of regret. These are the most long-lasting of all.
The damage is internal and never witnessed by the outside world. We never let it show, but it hurts so very much, and although it sometimes fades, it will never leave you.
It accompanies you until your very final day.


Ahhhhh, there you are Gray. I’d wondered where you lived. Can you really get tea there?.


And then we realize that the reality is unreal, we can hardly be ourselves :slight_smile:

Tea is too small a thing when you are offered the unique view of the entire universe. But yes, it is a great company.

(kidding) :slight_smile:

This is reeeaaallly weird… probably why I remember it:

In my most recent memorable dream I was grabbed by some thugs, brought before a judge, etc.

And my punishment was this:

They took a paring knife and cut a hole into my palm, from the side… and were going to stuff a green olive into the space under the skin.

I saw this done to my dream buddy (battle partner, no face or name), knew it was about to happen to me, and woke up.

Yay, there’s not a green olive stuffed into my palm!