Sir Kitos, I wrote about my test and I feel and hope that I will pass TOEFL...

Hello Kitos,

I am back after four days. Well, I wrote about my test and I feel and hope that I will pass TOEFL. Now, this was the very first requirement of my admission. The second requirement is PRAXIS I. This is basic skills test, required for individuals who want to enter the profession of teaching. As for the school, in which I am going to be admitted for my M.A. in teaching Mathematics, PRAXIS I is required before starting classes.

So, without wasting time, I have registered for this exam for 15th June. This test comprises of three parts. Reading, Writing and Mathematics. In writing portion, I have to write an essay. There is only one essay with a time limit of 30 min. The test is again, a computer based test.

Well, apart from TOEFL, this test require a little more effort. I mean to say that it requires a little more grammatical correcst essay. I have taken few books from the library. Also, I am going through articles and passages about teaching and schools.
The topics of essay are academic, but the difference from TOEFL is that, in these essays you have to see the world from the eyes of a teacher and not a student. I think, this is the most important difference that I felt in TOEFL essays and PRAXIS essays.

Well, I need permission from you, before I bring my paragraphs and essays for checking. As I told you my Exam date is 15th June. I can wait for your checking a little more than others. I will write in my leisure time, and you can check them whenever you get time.

I don’t see a better and easier place for my work to be checked. I would be grateful for your help and consideration. At the same time, I think my effort will be of interest for other students too. It may help them to increase their scope of knowledge. So, it won’t harm anyone :slight_smile: except that it will take time for Kitos to check. I always feel that my grammar is a little weak. The important thing, I often forget is that to keep the same tense while writing.

I am asking this because here mainly people are writing for TOEFL and so may be you won’t like to mix up the thread. Although I can keep track of my work by giving it a special name. So, it will remain separate from others.

Will be waiting for your reply,

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Good morning my admirable Kulsoom. You are forever welcome on this thread, as is everyone. No matter what you wish to compose, you are all assured of my best attention.
I hope that you and your little family are all happy and well. Your husband must be so proud of you and your achievements. I know I am. I wish only the best for you and yours.


Good morning Kitos,
I have been thinking of writing you an email, since I read your reply. But it is so difficult sometimes to express in words, what you feel. Anyway, I hope I will not let you down.
Thanks for putting your confidance in me,

I know my confidence in you is not misplaced. You will not disappoint me whatever the outcome. You have shown a determination and dedication not often seen in others. I do so admire you. Give my regards to your husband, and tell him he is one of my heroes for supporting you at this difficult and challenging time in your lives.


ps. Give your baby a hug from Uncle Kitos. :-))