Since as an adverb

Hello! How is it going?

My question:

‘We had a letter last week. We haven?t heard since’

Can I use ?since then?instead of ?since? in
the sentence above?

and ?since then? got the same meaning?

By the way, I always say:

‘in the sentence ABOVE’

Is that right? Or should it be ‘in the ABOVE sentence’?

I know ‘above’ doesn?t work as an adjective but
I?m afraid things like that I have seen them written
both ways, i.e ‘in the sentence above’ ‘in the
above sentence’ Thanks a lot!


Hi Jesus

Yes “since” and “since then” here mean the same thing.

Also “sentence above” or “above sentence” are both correct.

That’s not quite right, Jes?s. If you check a good dictionary, you will find “above” listed also as an adjective. Have a look: :wink: … &dict=CALD


Hello! Thanks both of you!

By the way, Could I use ‘ever since’ in that
sentence as well? Has it got the same meaning?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jes?s

My “feeling” says “ever since” is better used in a positive sentence rather than a negative one. Also, the word “ever” adds emphasis to the ‘time since then’ which would also usually mean that you’d use the present perfect continuous.
I’d possibly use it this way:

We had a letter last week and we’ve been waiting nervously for the next one ever since.

We got a letter last week and we’ve been trying to decipher it ever since.