Simple past vs past continuous vs past perfect

Hi guys,

I’m very confused of using these tenses above. I don’t have any confident that I manage to use them correctly for both ‘speaking’ and ‘writing’.
Could anyone help to give me some hints about them so that I can easily remember and manage them?

I highly appreciate your comments.

Use simple past for a past accomplished event: I ate sushi last night.
Use past continuous for a past action that continued during another past event: I was eating sushi last night when my ex-wife walked in.
Use past perfect to indicate the sequence of 2 non-simultaneous past events: I had eaten all of my sushi when she threw the flounder at me.

Thanks for pointing out some good examples! I think I need more practices about these tenses to manage them automatically… :(.

BTW, did you really have sushi last night? I wonder if your examples are what happened to you last night? Just kidding… :). Sushi is nice anyway, I like it! :wink: