Similar expressions to 'get out of my way'

Hello! How is it going?

It?s me again! Thanks in advance!

1.- Peter, get out of my way!
2.- Peter, walk away!
3.- Peter, why don?t you fly away?

I?ve listened to the expression
of “get out of my way”. I was looking
for similar expressions.
I thought of the verbs “walk away” and
“fly away”. Are both of them correct to
mean “get out of my way!”? First, I
looked up the meaning of those verbs
in the dictionary and then, I
used them to mean that, but I don?t
know if I can do it.

Don?t hesitate to give me some more!


Hi Jesus

To be honest, I don’t like 2 at all, and 3 sounds overly poetic.

If someone is being informal, he/she might say:

“Peter, move!”

“Get out of the road, Peter!” (“road” is figurative)

“You’re blocking my way, Peter!”

Just a few ideas.