I hope you can hear me. I’m speaking very quietly because I don’t want to make too much noise. My next topic, you see, is about silence. Shush.


hello Professor Allan.

please, can you give little bit explanation or What mean: Language and Teaching Profession

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Dear Dr Alan
First of all, I would like to thank you for your fantastic and exciting topics of your choice
They are really amazing. since Silence is one of the most difficult things that a lot of human beings can’t master as it’s against the human nature when we try to hold our tongues and keep quiet. However, it’s a great skill for those who could hold and control their tongues and speak just at the right time and place. my best regards
Badran Hamed

hello Mr Allan
The topics you have chosen till now are simply very exciting . As I am a teacher “Shut up” is the expression I use nearly every day, of course not with all the pupils but the horrible ones . I always tell my guys and ladies ’ cause I teach in the secondary school’ ‘silence is gold’ it lets you listen more and think better . Actually I don’t speak a lot except with my pupils , for me silence is wisdom and listening to the reason .
I loved the language you used and expressions I learnt since Iam not a native English and I am fond of this language.
thank you very much.

Thanks for knowing knowlgde.

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What a brilliant essay!

You are a great master of writing such interesting essays.Well done!

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Dear Alan. What is the correct answer to the following question and why? “Did you know Jane wants to be an actress?” “Did she?” or “Does she?”

Hi Mr Allan

I really enjoyed reading your essay; and of course I learned much things about kinds of Silence; so I appreciate what you did for English learners.
I think this essay will make me think and search about those kind of silence and its meaning , like for exemple " Keep it under your hat, don’t spread it around, don’t tell a soul” or simply “Keep it to yourself "

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Thank you for the nice essays every day!

I learn something new every day.

Your site is brilliant! And you all are very good teachers!

The correct answer is ‘Does she?’ to match the tense of the phrase ‘wants to be’.

“Did you know Jane wanted to be an actress?”
“Did she?”

Did you realise (prior to this conversation) she wanted to be an actress (in the past).

“Did you know Jane wants to be an actress?”
“Does she?”

Did you realise (prior to this conversation) she wants to be an actress (in the future).

Dear Alan,
It was a great essay.
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Cesar Lopez Petrovich.

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I’m so sorry for my silence, and for the interpretation that it brought you to. I was terribly busy, but now, I will be very active following your lessons.
I also apologize to all the students for my very long silence, and promise that I will be very active on the forum.
I found it very interesting to reading your essays. You do quite a good job for all the learners. Be proud of it.

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Lambert ABLET

Sir ,
My name edison thomas joseph,an international english test taking candidate.
Will you be able to help me in how to write an essay with more luxical resources.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Dear Sir, Really you are a great person that you are giving very nice essays or articles through net. I am very happy nad many many thanks

I won’t say any world!

I’d like to share some boks related to communication skills in English

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“May I have your attention please?” :slight_smile:

Here some beautiful quotes and saying , please take a look .

[color=red]“Silence is more musical than any song.”

“The innocent is the person who explains nothing.”

" Silence is the genius of fools and one of the virtues of the wise."

“Silence will save me from being wrong, but it will also deprive me of the possibility of being right.”

“Be silent, or speak something worth hearing.”

" Silence is a sword of words."

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Hi Allan Sir
I am always very quiet in the forum. So your Eassy is also telling the importance
of silence, so I don’t want to say any commends about this essay.

My name is Shanthi, Shanthi means Silence. I have learnt some new idioms
though this essay. I like the one idiom i.e. We keeping yourself to yourself.

May I know the reason sir, why our voice messages are not recorded in the MP3

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Hello Allan,

I’m also a quiet person.But I really enjoy reading your essay.I’ve learnt a lot from your essay.