Pls help me answer this question

By the end of the week, the protest groups had… enough signatures on their petitions to be assured of victory at the convention.
A) channeled
B) compiled
C) amassed
D) attested


By the end of the week, the protest groups had amassed enough signatures on their petitions to be assured of victory at the convention.

Although, I think ‘collected’ would work even better here.


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Can you please help me with these…Sorry for disturbing you…

1- The young man found himself unable to resist the magic effect of the perfume as it… in the air.

A) lingered

B) crawled

C) misled

D) wandered

2- The organs of taste are … which are mainly located on the tongue

A) groups of cells, are taste buds

B) taste buds, groups of cells

C) taste buds, these are groups of cells

D) taste buds, are groups of cells

3- I was… tired after such a hard day’s work.

A) stark

B) dog

C) bone

D) stone

4- In the United States,… is generally the responsibility of municipal governments.

A) in which water treatment

B) where water treatment

C) for water treatment

D) water treatment

5- Skidding on the treacherous ice on the road, my car… out of control.

A) spin

B) spun

C) span

D) spinned

6- If I am trying to … my meals better, I need to consult a nutritionist.

A) scale

B) portion

C) part

D) exceed

7- The victim, failing the timely arrival of the medics,…

A) die

B) was died

C) died

D) dead

8- The Democratic Party is older than the other major political party,…

A) the Republican party

B) it is the Republican party

C) which the Republican party

D) Republican party

9- Some of the pie… before we blew the candles.

A) got ate

B) was eaten

C) got eat

D) were eaten

10- They (selected) two items from the menu for breakfast.

A) picked through

B) picked up

C) picked out

D) picked over

11- Did you really understand all…he said?

A) what

B) When

C) which

D) that

12- I am… to understand what she wants. What language is that?

A) unable

B) not able

C) enabled

D) able

13- The team went… a 5-kilometer road run.

A) in

B) of

C) at

D) on

14- To… were you speaking to a few minutes ago?

A) who

B) whom

C) who’s

D) whose

15- We leave everyday at 7:00, but this morning we… at 8:00.

A) are left

B) are leaving

C) left

D) leave

16- Spoken language is generally more… than written language.

A) cautious

B) casual

C) capable

D) caustic

17- Bulldozer is ordinarily operated … called a magnetic key.

A) a device is used

B) that a device

C) the use of a device

D) with a device