Signature troubles

Hi, Torsten and Slava

I have a weird problem with my signature - sometimes, when I post a message, it is missing and sometimes it is not (in my profile the “signature” option is always ticked off). This predicament has been badgering me for quite some time now. I would appreciate it if you saw into it and gave me some feedback on the reason why it happens.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Alex,

Thanks for your message. The problem has been solved (update works every 10 minutes now).

What do you think about the value and benefits of forum signatures? Is it actually an essential feature for our users?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

Hi, Slava

Well, I don’t see any benefits in my signature (apart from the fact that it tells people where I hail from :slight_smile: ), I just think it looks cool, that’s all. I don’t think it is essential

I think it is not possible for us maybe its for the taechers.