Should we only need meritorious guys from school?

Would anybody edit my writing in terms of grammar ? Pls do … .

                 Should we only need  meritorious  guys from  school?

What is private or public school -that is known everybody but what is school ? If I ask you now then you must make ‘twinkle eyes’ towards the inquirer ! A place where you sit to learn ? why is this place ? why we need to learn ?when these types of questions come again and again we would face the ocean limit thinking !

Sometimes I feel appalling as we the majority highly educated even do not know why we need not school rather only need 'proper learning '(of course; broader sense only for socializing general people need it etc.).

Can you tell me ?In which school’s students were Mr. Socrates , Plato or even Mr. Albert Einstein ? I am sure you can not say because of good learners leading the school and the world ;almost not it is reverse.

America has been possessed the highest Nobel Laureates in the world but how many from the 'Harvard 'or else ?
Yes , some schools are proud of like MIT; but my indicating is -look those who are world famous (positive sense) they are ethical and meritorious ,they are famous by their self education only .As we are just not aware these and numerous related matters; so called educated literates have the great chances to sell their education ! Typically I am also partially involved here which I definitely don’t like .

Having been lured by offering , guardians inspired to go to the schools for their kids that are famous in terms of, famous people came out from that school/s as his/her kids will get better job near future which is materialistic thinking it is generally not crime but have tremendous effects ! Because they(kids) are talented but not ethical so world are not safe by them ! Ethics is more important than meritorious degree holders , no ethics - this way -arms race prevail ! We like disarm er world but how is it possible if only meritorious surrounded you but no ethics !!

These trends, consumer behaviors are well known by the school authority/s and make ‘Heat the iron when it is hot’ but the questions remain as a lot of educated one came out from the renowned ‘Private’ or ‘Public schools’ why that the second world war was occurred ? why are we still panic for another one ?

As some of we ( even highly educated genius I meant them quarter educated as not are ethical !) adored the ‘hum drum ’ of Hitler ,so called’ juggling frogs ’ respecting eloquent orators whole over the world, but some are unaware once the so called eminent educationist had had loved that giant in Germany which ultimately inspired the 2nd world war.

Upon realizing ,I think transparent education is still far behind even in the USA/Canada or elsewhere .So let us rejuvenate to make schools one by one rather making real learners Like Mark Twin ,Bertrand Russel , Gandhi or Lev Tolstoy etc, make this world idol for ‘The Merchant of Venice’ as who cares ! Gentlemen ; we are in deep danger .