Should there be three dots instead?


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Should there be three dots instead of four dots ?



Interesting question, Kohyoongliat. I wonder whether there is a rule for this case at all.
I myself add some dots without wondering about the number.
Thanks for bringing it up.


Yes, three dots:

A mark consisting of three periods, historically with spaces in between, before, and after them “ . . . ”, nowadays a single character “” Ellipses are used to indicate that words have been omitted in a text or that they are missing or illegible.


Could someone answer my question, please? Thanks.


Hasn’t TJ answered your question by saying it should be three dots?


Thanks, Torsten and Luschen.

I think Luschen and I posted at about the same time because I didn’t see his reply just after I posted my request.


Yes, an ellipsis consists of THREE dots, usually.