Should the salaries of professors increase?

To improve the quality of education, universities should spend more money on salaries for universities professors.

No one can ever deny that everyone has the ambition of becoming prosperous and they worldwide make every effort to attain this purpose. However, prosperity has different meaning for every individual and a diversity of factors contribute to it. In this regard universities play a significant role in the progress of a person. Opinions are divided as to what is the best way of improving the quality of universities. While some believe that enhancing the salary of professors is an effective way, others are not of the same idea. Nevertheless, from my perspective this method should be considered after some other factors.
In the first place, undeniably, the most practical way of enhancing the productivity of universities is strengthening the links between the universities and the industry. In this way, both the economy and the universities of a country can benefit. That is to say, the needs of the factories and industries are satisfied by the investigations of professors and their students and on the other hand, the professor and even the students can gain a substantial amount of money from their studies. Unfortunately, because of the backwardness and corrupt governmental system of my country, Iran, this link between the industry and universities is not well established.
Aside from the cooperation of universities and the industry, the improvement of laboratory facilities and computers are of secondary importance for improving the qualities of universities of my country. Computer and lab facilities, not only provide the students their necessary tools to conduct their researches, but also enhances their impetus to do more researches. No doubt, every university has a finite budget and should specify a number of priorities for its future development. I think the issue of professors' salary come after these two important factors mentioned previously.
On the flip side, those who advocate increasing the salary of professors, contend that this policy is naturally followed by the rise of professors' spirits which is directly related to the efficiency of a university. Obviously, this policy can have some merits for university, but by spending money on the two previous priorities, universities can take more advantages.
To recapitulate, increasing the salary of professors can have some virtues for universities, but taking into account the status quo of my country, it should not be placed in the first position of schools' priority list. The two more important aspects that Iran's universities should allocate money for them are making a better relation between universities and industry, and improving universities' research facilities.

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Hi Farshad, I thought your writing quality in this one was pretty good, but the way you phrased your thesis statement was quite confusing to me. Since you never mentioned professor’s salaries in your first body paragraph, I didn’t really see clearly how it applied to the prompt. Your arguments were not that convincing to me - try to make it more clear why raising professors’ salaries is not as important as these other objectives. Based on these issues, which are really rooted in your weak thesis statement, I can only rate this one a 3 out of 5.