Should people visit museums when they travel to new places? and why?

When people travel to new places, they prefer to visit such kinds of places such as historical sites, famous landscapes and museums. Museums are the best choices of tourists because of numerous benefits they gain from exhibitions of museums: having an overall view of history and culture of countries, a leisure-time experience and the most effective way to understand about the customs.
First and foremost, museum is a tangible window through which you can view overall culture, history and the process development belonging to the nation where you come. Museums collect and care for a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic historical importance considered as the witnesses presenting the past, so it can tell you history, not need to explain. You enter a war museum including displays of weapons and other military equipments, uniform, you can imagine how the war took place violently. Or you can see the cultural characteristics over the paintings, furniture, sculptures of the people’s life. Museums surely bring you the first general thoughts very necessary about a place you have never been to before.
Secondly, museums bring you a leisure-time experience in your travelling. Different places have different histories, and museums aren’t much like museums. As the result, each museum brings you the distinctive experiences. Diversified exhibits in many aspects you could have never seen before or cannot see anywhere is extremely interesting to attract your curiosity. Besides, museums is the best public place for everybody, you can enjoy yourselves to make more friends, discover people’s life, improve your knowledge and walking to relax as well.
At last, visiting museum is the most effective way to understand about the custom of citizens. You can find out many ways to obtain that knowledge such as going to the night club, park…But you must spend a lot of time and only know on some definite aspect, while you can understand overall after traveling to museum. Such knowledge is very necessary in communicating with citizens here and knowing more about them. Moreover, Museums are usually open for general public, sometimes charging a little admission fee. Some are publicly funded and have free entrance. So you can save your time and cost, rather than any ways else.
In conclusion, for the valuable information people attain from museums, visiting museums is the first choice of travelers when coming new places. Considering this importance, government of countries in the world have been investing in museums to satisfy citizens and tourists.

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