Should old man live with young people together or should they live in the clubs?

Should old man live with young people together or should they live in the clubs for the elder? Discuss.


The issue of living place of the elders has always been a hotly debated topic, especially among social scientists and psychologists. While some people think that older people should live in rest-homes for the last years of their lives, others still believe that they should live with younger generations. Each of these views has its own evidences.

First and foremost, some people think that by living in appropriate environments where many people have the same things in common, interest and lifestyle such as the clubs for the elder or rest-homes, older people can find it easy to live and to convalesce during the last period of their lives. In essence, thanks to living in the places like rest-homes, some of them can find their true interest, feel better in both physical and mental concerns than before when they lived alone and lacked others’ caring. Moreover, living in these kind of places, not only can they be taken care of by many doctors and nurses who are experts and professionals in health care and mental treatment, but they also have a chance to relax or participate in many suitable activities for their ages like dancing, singing, to name a few. Furthermore, some older people think that living in other places which are separated from their family is a way to rest in their mind because it seems to them that this will help their children become more independent and less responsible. In short, by doing this way they can feel good and enjoy the last time in their lives with the true peace and quite.

On the other hand, by living with young people, older people can give a chance to their children to requite the their self-sacrifice and to express deep gratitude to them. Indeed, behind the success of a person rests the support and sacrifice of their parents, so that scarcely does someone feel good when can not repay their parents. Moreover, living at home, older people can set a mirror for their grandchildren to follow as well as give him or her a wealth of valuable knowledge they have gathered for many years in their lives. In addition, they still are the pride of their grandchildren as well as are the people who always encourage them. Hence, living with their kin is proved very necessary for older people to consider.

To summarize, living at home with their relations or resting the last time of their lives in a rest-home is not too important for an older people nowadays. It seems to them that wherever they live, the most important thing for them is that the last time they spend in their lives is meaningful and valuable.

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Though man is social animal. He brings up in his own society,among his own people. He follows the same traditions ,same values which are followed by his older people.If he is forced to live far away from all these then he will definitely feel as kite has been cut from the thread &falls down on the earth.In my opinion old men should live with young people togther.They represent the unbroken lineage.They bind the two generations. They protect our society by introducing values &traditions to our children.In their company our children become descipline, confident and full of knowledge.
Now a days every body wants to live in accordance with her/is will.They feel subservient to live with their old people but one should not forget that no one has been given an elixir by the God to remain young what we sow ,shall we reap.How we treat others ,will be treated in the same manners.If we pay heed to our elders tomorrow our childrenwill pay heed to us. Household management can be done sustematically. Our old people are like a banyan tree whose forth coming roots give support to each mamber of the family.So there is no question arises to send our old people in the clubs.